Corn Silage

What is Corn Silage?

It is a feed for ruminants made from corn, grown for 70-75 days and fermented for 10-21 days.

Is load provided for capitalization?

Loans on farm inputs and choppers may be provided and booked as loan of the partner.

How much is the interest and what are the requirements?
  • 0% interest and no collateral
  • Should submit planting calendar and harvest forecast.
What are the requirements?
  • Letter of intent
  • 2 government valid IDs
  • Barangay and Police Clearance
  • Land Title/Lease Contracts/Tax Declaration
  • Vicinity Map
  • Duly accomplished application form
  • MAGSASAKA Membership
Is MAGSASAKA Membership needed?

Membership is free but Php 150.00 is required as payment for the MAGSASAKA card.

How to qualify in the program?
  • At least 10 hectares of flat land
  • Owned/leased land
  • Water and electricity availability
  • Road accessibility
  • Near sub-farm localities
How much can be earned?
  • Income may vary.
  • May range from Php 10,000 to 20,000/hectare/season depending on volume and cost inputs.
How much can harvested in one hectare?
  • Harvest may vary depending on the location and season.
  • Average yield per hectare is 25,000 kilograms or 25 tons.
Do you accept suppliers far from sub-farm localities?

It depends; however the applicant and the location shall be assessed by MAGSASAKA prior to the processing of application.


How to qualify for the program?

An applicant must have at least 700 sq.m. of land (owned or leased) located near DV Boer subfarms, accessible to road, and has secure water and electricity sources.

What fish species are currently covered by the livelihood program?

MAGSASAKA Incorporated Aquaculture Livelihood Program currently covers catfish, tilapia, and Pangasius but studies are continuously being made to cater to more fish species.

What are the requirements?

To become a livelihood partner, an applicant must submit the following:

  • Letter of Intent to join
  • Recommendation letter from nearest subfarm
  • Photocopies of two (2) valid government IDs
  • Barangay and Police Clearance
  • Land Title/Lease Contract/Tax Declaration
  • Vicinity Map
  • Duly accomplished Application Form
  • Approved MAGSASAKA membership
How much can be earned?

Catfish Livelihood Program can generate a net income of at least P69,000 annually. Tilapia Livelihood Program, on the other hand, offers a possible net income of P87,000 per year. Finally, Pangasius Livelihood Program can potentially generate as much as P97,000 annually.

How much can be harvested in one cycle?

One production cycle of the Catfish Livelihood Program takes about six (6) months and is expected to produce at least 2,500 kilograms of good quality catfish. Tilapia Livelihood program also requires six (6) months per production cycle and can produce 2,500 kilograms of fish. Lastly, the Pangasius Livelihood Program is expected to produce around 5,600 kilograms of Pangasius during a nine-month cycle.

Is loan provided for capitalization?

Yes. A loan that covers pond construction, labor and materials, water pump, net, fingerlings, and feeds will be provided and will be booked as loan of the partner.

How much is the interest?

The provided loan will have no interest and no collateral.

Is MAGSASAKA membership needed?

All livelihood program applicants must be an official MAGSASAKA member. Membership forms can be accessed through our website. A registration fee of P150.00 must also be given alongside a duly accomplished MAGSASAKA Membership Form.

Oplan Pamamalakaya

What is Oplan Pamamalakaya?

It is an initiative of Mr. Dexter Villamin that operates a strategic plan that enables people to purchase fish at lower prices while providing livelihood to indigent fishermen, allowing them to meet financially their families’ financial requirements. Oplan Pamamalakaya envisions to alleviate poverty  especially in coastal communities by giving motorized boat to fishermen, free gasoline, meal, and fishing gears.

Who can be a contributor of Oplan Pamamalakaya?

Any natural born Filipino of legal age, member of MAGSASAKA Incorporated , and has a valid Philippine address and local depository bank and contribute and become part of the program.

How much is the contribution amount?

The maximum allowable contribution per person is Php 100,000.00. This  is to give opportunity to more people to participate in the program.

What is the revenue potential of my contribution?

Upon expiry of the one-year contract, the contributor is guaranteed to receive the Php 100,000.00, including an additional 15% (Php 15,000.00) return. The total amount to be given back is Php 115,000.00.

What are the benefits of being a contributor?

Aside from the 15% additional return on contribution, an Oplan Pamamalakaya contributor is entitled to avail a yearly Php 5000 gift certificate usable in all DV Boer Sub-farms, free one-day island boat cruise within Lian and Nasugbu, Batangas, and a special 20% discount on all available seafood at MAGSASAKA Talipapa.

Are there other fees needed in the program?

contribution fee of Php 1,000.00 will be required to join the program. This fee covers the Php 150.00 MAGSASAKA Membership Fee, Php 200.00 Notarial Fee, Php 150.00 Mailing Fee, and Php 500.00 Processing Fee.

What documents are required to become a contributor?

Required documents include a letter of intent, MAGSASAKA Membership Form, signed Oplan Pamamalakaya Contract, and two (2) valid government IDs with signatures.

What is the application process?
  1. Mailing of Letter of Intent
  2. Filling up of MAGSASAKA and Oplan Pamamalakaya Membership Form
  3. Contract Signing and Depositing of Contribution
  4. Provision of Notarized Contract
When will the returns be released?

The Php 115,000.00 return will automatically  be deposited to the contributor’s bank account upon expiry of the one-year contract. Notification e-mails will be sent one week  prior to its release.

How long is the duration of the contract?

The contract is valid for twelve (12) months upon execution.

Are we allowed to join the program after one year agreement?

Definitely! It will be our pleasure to have you as our  partner in promoting our advocacy and achieving our goals.

Swine Breeding

How do I become a member of MAGSASAKA Inc.?

You have to fill out an application form online or personally, our office is located at 504 5th Floor Linden Suites Hotel #37 San Miguel Ave., San Antonio Pasig City. The registration fee is Php 150.

How much do we have to prepare before entering the program?

Nothing. All you need to prepare is your land and yourself in raising the pigs.

What if we do not have a land of our own?

We allow people with borrowed or rented land to join our program as long as they can provide their letter of agreement.

What are the requirements in joining the program?
  • Swine Breeding
    • at least 2,000 sqm of land*
  • Swine Fattening
    • at least 20 sqm of land with established pig pens*

* Land must be near or within  the same municipality of the accredited sub-farm.

Where are these sub-farms located?

You can view the list of Talipapa Accredited Sub-farms here.

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Office Address

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E-mail Address

Direct Line

(02) 636-4898

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